Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Marked and Scared by Runes and Charms

Vampires cluster around corners of light
Slavering, chattering, demanding blood
The light moves and dims, fades and vanishes
            They break into the night

Reckless and free they rush through the streets
Looking in widows and at passersby
Like mall shoppers picking savory wares
            None of which they touch

On one small street they cluster at a set
Of windows snuffing, murmuring, lusting
Inside a family sits eating their meal
            Laced with fire and spice

The Vampires, restless, mill and move
One breaks away, hunting, and notices
A hidden alleyway, keenly he follows
            The sent of garlic

‘Til he comes to a window lined with cloves
Next to a spell laced door, touching it once
The door opens with barely a shudder
            In he shifts and flies

Sure his prey is there, bracing behind candles
And incense she cowers, her naked white arms
Marked and scarred by runes and charms
            Stroking a cross that hangs

Cradled in front of her black draped breasts
The candles flare and smoke as he moves
Fear and dread fill her, though she always,
            Worshipped his kind

She speaks naught, as he takes her in his arms
And wonders why her witchcraft and charms fail
To protect her, soon her thoughts falter and
            Her body falls limp

The Vampire leaves unhurried and bloated
Dreaming of a frail, black clad woman
‘Till belief and hunger call him from sleep
            Again to feed

Dismissals of Light

The poetry obsesses
It demands creation
Through conglomerations
Of ink blots and 
Dismissals of light
Groupings of dissimilar
And unassociated figurines
Creating patterns
Past simple
Mortal thoughts
And travel to 
Universal ends
Beyond, beyond
'Til the end
And forms 
The New Beginning